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Budget Brake and Muffler Auto Centres Franchisees (BBMAC) take pride in servicing a number of vehicles throughout B.C. by customers who are doing good in their communities by providing transportation solutions for a number of purposes. Delivering groceries to a shut-in, providing meals, dropping product to the Food bank, transporting the team to soccer, Scouts or Brownies. Everyone knows someone who is there with a smile and transportation to help someone in need. BBMAC calls it, ‘Driven by Good’.

When you nominate someone who is, ‘Driven by Good’, they could win a $500 auto service gift card from a monthly draw of all valid nominations received to date from Budget Brake and Muffler Auto Centres. One Nominee will be selected from the monthly winners, based solely on criteria, and awarded the *Grand prize of a getaway package for two (Destination to be announced). They’ll also receive a $1000 auto service gift card from their local Budget Auto Centres Dealer. Grand Prize will awarded December 14, 2019. * BBMAC reserves the right to make changes to the award where necessary.

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